Dj "S" @ Nisville Jazz Festival 2022, Niš-Serbia!

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Sat 13 August 2022 - 01:30
Niš, Serbia
Dj "S"
Soul & Funk
Dj Set
Dj "S" @ Nisville Jazz Festival 2022, Niš-Serbia! - Event ScheduleDj "S" @ Nisville Jazz Festival 2022, Niš-Serbia! - poster / cover art

The International Nisville Jazz Festival – the most visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe, since its founding in 1995, has consistently defended the European values of multiculturalism and patiently nurtured the refined musical taste of individuals.
Confirmation of this is, among other things, the text about the festival “Nishville – European Face Of Serbia” (“Nishville – European Face Of Serbia”) published in the European Union, the magazine “New Europe” published in Brussels, as well as the text in the prestigious British Guardian from 2016, where Nishville was included in the 10 best jazz festivals in Europe!

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Nišville Foundation
Nišville Jazz Festival
Cara Dušana 19
Niš, Serbia